Places Of Interest around Senggigi

Museum NTB
Located on Jalan Panji Tilar Negara Mataram

Mayura Temple;
Built on 1743 Balinese Hindu’s dynasty, Anak Agung Gede Karangasem. It’s now become a recreational park on the seasonlly used for music festival.

Narmada The Royal Park
Miniatur of Rinjani Mount and Segara Anak lake. This summer palace has a spot corner where the locals believed to have water fountain (air Awet Muda).

Located up in the north east Mataram, has a preserved forest for recreation and chill out.

The oldest temple on the island where the Moslem wetu telu and the Hindusm held once a year ceremony together on this temple.

Pura Meru
This early 18th century temple is the largest in Lombok and was built for prince Anak Agung Made Karang Asem – more for political than religious reasons. In attempt to unite the various Hindu groups on the island. After entering, turn left to reach the inner courtyard and it’s three Meru (multi roofed shrines). They represent three mountains Mt Semeru in Java, Mt Rinjani in Lombok and Mt Agung in Bali.

Pura Segara
This red and white Balinese temple is close to the beach north of Ampenan. It is ussually locked but just to the northeast an old Chinese cemetery that is worth wandering over to.

Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok is a laid back paradise and attract visitors for its beauty virgin white sand beach and surfing. Kuta also known as surfers and sun seekers paradise. Kuta Lombok located on south coast Lombok, Kuta Lombok is the tourism center development in south coast Lombok, a big plan on the progres this year such the international airport and the five star Hotels such the Rizt group will build shortly. Kuta area about one and half hours drive from Mataram or Senggigi, Kuta and the surounding region has gained an international reputation for some of the beast surfing destinations in south east Asia and considering to be the best surf spot in Asia.
Its here that the gentle waters surounding Lombok meet the curents of India ocean, forming great swells and surf breaks. The result of this oceanic activity is seen in fantastic vistas of cliffs, headlands and beaches carved out of the southern coatline. Kuta has attracts thousands of visitors every year for the great surf spots nearby or those who seeking Sun shine and the gorgeous beaches!!
Kuta is great as a base for exploration of the southern parts of Lombok, here you find traditional Sasak villages (like Sade), remote and beautiful beaches, mountains and cliffs. Beaches nearby are Putri Nyale on Kuta, Seger and Tanjung A’an.
This place now have nightlife such The shore bar, located on the beach of Kuta Lombok. Kuta has a certain reputation among surfers as there are good surfing conditions on the reef and further west of Kuta.

What to see in Lombok Timur

Places Of Interest around East Lombok

Sembalun Lawang,
Situated on the cool eastern slopes of Mt. Rinjani like alost mountain hideaway, Sembalun Lawang whisch reside in the remains of a huge caldera, offers impressive views of the awesome mountain. Rinjani Peak appear so close, like you could touch it. The quickest trail to climb up the peak of Rinajani mount.

Loyok Central Handicraft,
short distance drive from Kota Raja, Loyok and its surrounding area, is famous for the Bamboo crafts that it produces. Most of the local are created by skilled craftsmen working studiously each day on an amazing array of products.

Otak Kokok Gading & Jeruk Manis Waterfall
Located fourty kilo meters east of Mataram, this area is famous for its waterfall, whose belived to cure diseases if afflicated btahes in its pools. Jeruk Manis waterfall lies in lush natural forest. Local people call this impresive fall Aik Temer’, because they belive its waters are able to cure baldness.


A nice place to see and learn how local people making pottery, the centre is in Penakak a sub village of Masbagik, find the biggest cattle market on every monday and watch many traditional art and music performance during August’ and start your Trekking or Outdoor Activity plann in our Base

Tete Batu,
located on the southern slopes of Gunung Rinjani, is a cool mountain retreat with beautiful rice terraces forest and bright green field of crops and tobacco on surrounding slopes. it’s wet and misty during the rainy season, cool and lush during the dry, its a lovely place for walking or day trip with lunch at local restaurants.

Gili Lampu, Gili Sulat, Gili Lawang and Gili KONDO
These three islands lie off the coast of north – east Lombok. The sea around these white sandy jewels are home to an amazing array of colourful marine life, making it an ideal place to swim and snorkel. The islet can be reached by boat from Labuhan Lombok’ also escape to white and clear water beach around Gili Kondo

Grave of Selaparang
Its a sacred grave of Selaparang King. This grave is located at Presak village Pringgabaya. Its about sixty kilometers form Mataram


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